Bridging the void.

Technology moves constantly. As it improves, it can be difficult for a company to keep up with the latest developments. This is especially true for creative institutions (film, audio, gaming, marketing, design, etc). Being content creators ourselves, we work hard to resolve the issues we frequently face, so we are more suited to assist others when working in both a creative and technical environment.


The members of our company noticed, long ago, a gap between the creative industry and the world of information technology, in relation to providing the correct tools to help service clients. We created AZCS to help fill this void. By offering the very best in audio and visual equipment and a complete portfolio of IT products, we can bridge the gap between these two worlds, and have solutions ready before problems even come into existence.


Adaptability means survival, and as automation and technology begin to saturate the field, the stage becomes crowded.  AZCS is here to assist you with some of the technical, and business elements of your artistic endeavour; elements such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), big data analytics, AI and automated data driven marketing. The very meaning of human to computer interface is fundamentally changing with virtual reality and augmented reality, and this leaves many institutions ill prepared for adapting into the next age.


Our motto is: "Focus on problems and solutions, not on the tools."


We pride ourselves on our ability to peer through marketing fluff and staying brand agnostic. We take a holistic, end to end approach to make sure you are educated to trends, and can be proactive rather than reactive. Remember, every manufacturer's brochure says they are the best, let us help you decide the truth.


We are a creative production company with integrated sales, services, technical art, and marketing teams. If you have a production or program in need of some assistance or advice, our business has the skills & resources necessary to fill in the gaps of your creative initiative and complete your vision.



What makes us different?


We don’t just think outside the box, that’s where we exist. Being artists and creators, as well as technology-enthusiasts, enables us to bring a unique vision to your project. Many of us have been in or followed the industry for many years, so we are well versed in the trends, standards and traditions. We also offer disruptive technology such as AI, automation, decentralized manufacturing, custom software to help customer problems, and more. Technology is an important part of our company’s core, which drives us to keep up with the research to stay on the cutting edge.


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