Audio Services

Are you a game studio wondering how the world of your game should sound like. Do you need someone on set with you to boom and mix audio to greater capture the story you want to tell? We offer a variety of services, including:


On Set Location Audio:  We can provide on-location audio services along with whatever audio equipment is needed on set.


Voice Recording: With our in-office recording booth, we can record and edit voice over or ADR for your project, in-house.


Post-Production Audio for Video:  We offer in-house foley recording, sound design, and mixing services to assist you with all post-production audio needs.


Audio Design and Mixing for Games/Interactive Media/VR:  We’ll take your audio to the next level by processing existing sounds and/or designing original sounds for your project, including recording foley or voice over if needed.  We also provide in-engine layering, modulation, and mixing for all sounds.


Other Recordings: We can record podcasts, audio advertisements, and other audio projects in our in-office studio or on location.


If you happen to find yourself short on an audio technician, our in-house audio professionals can be there for you and provide the best technical skill in order to help for your next project - whatever the task, our experts can handle it.


Do you have a podcast or album that needs promotion? Are you tired of the same time consuming methods you and everybody else is using to get the word out about your new project? We can promote your podcast, band/song, or other audio project using cutting edge marketing techniques across multiple forms of social media and specialized marketing campaigns that fit your needs.


Audio Gear and Implementation


AZCS can provide you with state-of-the-art, in-house equipment - either for temporary use or through buying from us directly.


  • Equipment for sale: microphones, PA speakers, DAWs, monitors, field mixers, and more.


Our experts can provide the knowledge and training needed to get the best possible sound out of your (or our) audio equipment, whatever your needs may be.


We can also help design and implement ideal audio setups for acoustic spaces (Studios, Live Venues, etc.).  Let us choose and install the right gear to make your project a success.


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