Game Development

Are you a studio looking for help picking out vital equipment like a motion capture rig or data storage? Or are you looking for assistance in making a game or gamified marketing concept? Be it audio, design, hardware, 3d design or animation, we have you covered.


  As gamers ourselves, our team of experts know what it takes to make a good game.  We are constantly developing, both independently, and with other companies. We know the ins and outs of the industry and stay on the cutting edge in order to give our clients the latest and greatest end product.


  We can assist with every necessary aspect of development and bring your video game project to completion.  We are there for you from start to finish:

  • Conceptualization
  • Development Schedule
  • Level Breakdowns
  • Control and Mechanics
  • Modelling, Rigging, and Lighting
  • Audio Design, Voice-over, & Mixing
  • Finished video game!

  Our technical experts can also help your company develop a streamlined workflow to help your project run more efficiently.  We are available to assist in any capacity and help with any hurdles you may be facing. Not only can we provide you with the necessary equipment and supplies, our experts are also available to train your personnel to utilize them.


  AZCS is capable of supplying and installing all hardware for game development. We can provide you with:


  • Workstations
  • Motion Capture Rigs
  • Firewall Security
  • Network Attached Storage & Replication
  • Software Development


  Once the final game is developed, we are able to assist in marketing to help expand the reach of your game/VR experience. Specializing in social media also allows us to increase exposure for your product, creatively brand it, and see where, worldwide, people are talking about it.




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